Marriage: turning moments into memories

Marriage is a beautiful journey that takes two hearts on an adventure of a lifetime, filled with love, laughter, tears, and everything in between. It requires patience, understanding, and compromise, but in the end, the reward is a bond that is unbreakable and a love that is truly eternal.

Story Four

Serena & Alessandro

July 14th 2023

On the "Bastille day", 14th of July 2023, Serena and Alessandro crowned their love with a fairytale wedding. In the Vezio Castle in Varenna, they prepared for the big day, with their affectionate little dog serving as a silent witness. In Tremezzo, on the stone staircase, they exchanged glances full of emotion during the "first look," capturing the magic of the moment.

Embarked on a wooden boat, they crossed the lake to the splendid Villa Regina Teodolina. Amid gardens reflecting in the water and frescoed halls, relatives and friends awaited them for a touching ceremony, where they spoke vows eternally bound to their hearts.

The evening continued with moving speeches, followed by engaging dances. Amid the silvery moonlight, their wedding came to a close, but their love continued to grow, like the gentle waves of the lake, intertwining their lives in an unbreakable bond. A charming day that would remain in their hearts as the eternal promise of their love.

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